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Endometriosis is a common disease that affects women of reproductive age.
It occurs when the endometrial tissue that is located in the uterine cavity develops outside of this seat . This tissue can implant and grow anywhere in the abdominal cavity, or rarely in more distant locations such as in the lung or in the navel.
Endometriosis is absolutely unpredictable, some women may have some isolated plants that will not grow or spread ever, while in other cases the disease can get to spread outside the pelvis .
Endometriosis causes an irritation of the tissues nearby determining the growth of scar tissue called adherence , this fabric can bind to each other pelvic organs and is responsible for painful symptoms that accompany this disease.
Endometriosis : Causes
The reason why some women have endometriosis and others do not, is not yet fully known .
One of the main theories is that of retrograde menstruation. Reflux of menstrual flow through the tubes into the pelvis where the endometrial cells will implant .
Another possible explanation is interested modest changes in the immune system.
It ' possible that genetic factors are also involved .
How does the Endometriosis ?
The newer systems have the appearance of small spots, small red or brown , scattered on the surface of the pelvic .
They can maintain their appearance unchanged with the passage of time or turn into scar tissue or disappear spontaneously. When invades the ovary to form cysts Endometriosis content in the blood called endometriomas .

dysmenorrhea :
Menstrual pain that usually appear later in life and tend to increase with the passing of the years have suspected for endometriosis .
The pain tends to increase with time and is not restricted only to the menstrual phase , but to the entire period of the cycle.
Pains during intercourse
Endometriosis can cause deep pain during intercourse , this condition is known as dyspareunia .

It is not clear the relationship between infertility and endometriosis .
It is believed that in the advanced stages of the problem is related to a disruption of the pelvic anatomy , in mild forms there would be a reduction in fertility, ie a reduction of the probability that the woman becoming pregnant.
The doctor may suspect the disease if the woman manifests infertility problems , severe menstrual pain , or pain with intercourse. However, with the visit , the diagnosis can only be suspected and must be confirmed with a laparoscopy . Laparoscopy is a surgical technique that allows us to look inside the pelvis and then assessed for the presence of endometriosis . It may be necessary for the performance of specific instrumental tests such as ultrasound , magnetic resonance imaging , barium enema , with the aim of staging the disease.
Women with Endometriosis who show few or no symptoms, they can not be subjected to any therapy and have regular checks .
The treatment of endometriosis has the following purposes:
1 . pain therapy
2 . treatment of infertility
3 . treatment of complications due to the interest on the part of other organs such as endometriosis . intestine, urinary tract infection .
it is possible to undergo both a medical and surgical therapy depending on the case . The first-line therapy , unless contraindicated , is generally of hormonal origin and has as its main objective the control of pain Today we are also various types of hormone: progestin, estrogen-progestin , GnRH analogues with various forms of administration : pills , injections, vaginal rings , gels, intrauterine devices .
When medical therapy is contraindicated or has not happened on the control of pain surgery finds its therapeutic indication as well as diagnostics. The surgery can be performed laparoscopically in general and its goal is the removal of endometriosis with visible recreation pelvic anatomy , histological diagnosis of nodules and cysts.


Liliana Mereu - Specialist in obstetrics and gynecology - Endometriosis